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Course | Watercolours

paint & draw like Van Gogh

Thursday | 12.09.24 | 10am - 12noon | £90 (6 weeks) | taught by Jason Skill

Jason Skill workshop.jpg

Van Gogh has a unique style, which makes his art instantly recognisable. It’s vibrant, appealing and loved by millions. Who wouldn’t want that magic to rub off in their work? Replicating Van Gogh’s working methods can transform your thinking about lines and colour. It can even lead to new stylistic developments within your work. So why not take a closer look at one of the greats in art to gain a deeper appreciation of his art, revolutionary techniques and processes?  

We will first look at his drawing style using pencil and pen and then explore some of his painting ideas using one of the following mediums: watercolour, acrylics, water-soluble oils or acrylics. You are free to choose the medium that feels right for you. In the later portion of the course, we will look at how you can adapt his style to open up different types of drawing and painting, so that you feel less like a forger and more like an inventive artist, adding his stylistic ideas into your working method.

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