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Doing it for ourselves!  How to make a booking online using the Hallmaster Bookings Calendar. 

request a booking

Use the guide below as a New User to successfully book your event using the online Booking Calendar


Available as a pdf document which can be opened on all devices and is printable


Video titled "How to Book with Hallmaster as a Customer"

01 Select a Room

At the top of the Bookings Calendar Go to > Select Room.

Select either The Hearth Hall or The Hearth Hub.


02 Make a Booking Request

Click on the + symbol on the date you wish to book. A New User Make Booking Request form will appear.

Note: If you don’t see the + symbol on a date that you would like to make a booking, then online booking has been disabled for that facility. Contact the Arts Centre Co-ordinator directly

T: 01661 852545



03 New User - Make Booking Request Form

If you are making a booking request for the first time, you will be asked to enter your contact details and a password so that you can track your booking status, any changes that are made, plus view any invoices and payments linked to that booking.


Make a note of the email address used and password as this will enable you to login to the Booking System.


Once completed, click Continue which will register you with a new account.



04 Complete the Make Booking Request Form as follows

At the top of the form it reads: Thanks for registering. Please verify your email address by clicking the link we just sent to you in an email to (the email address you registered as a New User).If you can't see this email, please check your spam/junk folders in case the message has ended up there.

Rooms: Tick the room(s) that you want to include for this booking. If booking the whole Venue, make sure all the boxes are ticked.


Event Name

This is the name of the event you are booking.


Start Date/Time

The start date and time of the event. If this is a recurring booking, this is the start date and time of the first vent in the series.


End Date/Time

 The end date and time of the event. If this is a recurring booking, this is the end date and time of the first event in the series.


Recurring Booking

Check the box if your event recurs regularly with the same start and end time.



Select one of those from the drop-down Menu as listed below:

Community Group

I Music Events, Gigs and Performance

I Private Function

I Special Event

I Workshop / Class

I Workplace Awaydays and Meetings


Additional Line Items

If required select and be aware that they may incur an additional charge



You can put as much or as little information about the event itself, including prices, what to bring, tickets, links to websites etc and inform us as to whether you would like us to market your event on our popular Whats On Page.


Marketing on The Hearth website is free

We market all events into which the public can book to attend and publish on our popular 'Whats On' page.  To do so you will be required to complete a 'Whats On' page Marketing Form’, which will be sent as a url in the confirmation email, which confirms that your booking has been accepted. If for any reason you do not receive a form click on the link below or email Ali Wilkes, Arts Centre Co-ordinator  - office@the



There are 2 privacy settings for bookings:

1. Public and Public Contact Details Hidden – Note the Administrator will select as appropriate.

2. Private: Select if you do not wish to share or invite others to the Event. The booking will display as a ‘Private Event’ and not show your Event Name or a link to the description and your contact details.

Special Requirements: Provide concise detail.


Conditions of Hire

Please read by clicking on CONDITIONS OF HIRE FOR THE HEARTH CENTRE HALL or THE HEARTH CENTRE HUB. We have provided CONDITIONS OF HIRE documents that you will need to agree to before proceeding with your booking.


05 Save Booking

 Once completed press Save, and the request will automatically be sent to the Arts Centre Co-ordinator for processing. You will also receive an email from Hallmaster confirming that the request has been sent – this is not confirmation of your booking. You will then be taken to your Hallmaster dashboard to view your bookings and invoices.


06 Confirmation email

The Arts Centre Co-ordinator will review your request, confirm receipt of your booking and confirm the booking or contact you to seek further information. Once the booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email. 


The Hearth Hall

View availability


The Hearth Hub

View availability


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