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Tony Glover - the man who keeps the doors open!!

Tony Glover

It is with great regret and much sadness we say a huge GOODBYE AND THANK YOU to Tony Glover for his last 7 years of remarkable service as a Trustee of the Hearth Centre.

Tony Glover, who was born in Northumberland and now lives in Horsley Village, is a successful writer and film-maker. Tony Glover – About Me

As a loyal member of the Board at the Hearth Charity he has supported everything that has happened on site. At the end of August 2021 he retired from the challenging post of Trustee but has, rather foolishly perhaps, said he will still be there for us all, still be a volunteer as and when needed……..

Many, many thanks Tony

Here is what just some who have worked with him have to say:

"As an artist who has to carve out time in a busy life to make and think, your studio is a precious space where you go to make work without outside pressures impinging. Our wonderful trustees make this happen and allow our creativity to flourish. Someone like Tony is working away in the background on our behalf ensuring that our water runs, our heating keeps us warm, our doors lock and that when we run an event we don’t need to think about the peripheries as he is already there helping our administrator make it happen. I am sure I speak on behalf of all the artists in thanking Tony for all he has done to help make The Hearth a friendly buzzy place. He has truly supported all of us for years. Can I also put in a word for Tony’s wife as there is always a partner at home wishing, perhaps he wasn't up at The Hearth quite so much and sharing the stress when there are tough times!

Thank you Tony xx"


Exit stage left! Tony and Chair of Trustees Jane Gibson

"The Board of Trustees, tenants and friends of The Hearth, Horsley were all sad to bid a farewell to Trustee Tony Glover after seven years of loyal service to The Hearth on Friday 10th September 21. Throughout his time on the Board, Tony has given stalwart service, looking after the buildings on this historic site, providing support for our lively annual programme of concerts and gigs and giving freely of his literary skills, hosting some memorable story telling events. In recent years, he has also been a mainstay in the development of our vision for a Garden Hub building to house new community activities and a home for our part-time Administrator. We are very pleased that Tony has volunteered to continue with this project and in support of our events going forward. it would be remiss of us not to also send our heartfelt thanks to Tony's partner Stevie who has also provided support to The Hearth throughout his time as a Trustee. We wish Tony all the best in the future and look forward to seeing him at the Hearth as a visitor and volunteer."


"Tony's skills, patience and cooperation and contribution to the Hearth have been greatly appreciated. His delightful personality has shone through in all he has done."


A small token of our appreciation

"Every charity should have a Tony Glover on the board of trustees! As the part-time administrator, (during most of Tony’s 7 years of service) there are times when you need practical support and Tony was always ready to pop up to The Hearth when there was a buildings or maintenance glitch that was beyond me. He shouldered the burden of DIY, fire safety, dealing with contractors, energy suppliers, all the many things that are crucial to keep a building safe to use and open to the public, but generally go unnoticed.

I always thought how generous Tony was with his time given his other commitments, in particular his writing - I am a big fan of his novels and hopefully, now that he has a little more time, we can expect a rush of his Kitty Lockwood crime novels - please?!"


A final word from Tony himself (and Hotel California)

“You can check-out any time you like But you can never leave!"

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