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Introducing...Hearth Trustee: Jane Gibson

Hi, I’m Jane Gibson and I’m one of the trustees on the Board at The Hearth. I have been a trustee here for just over two years. Previously I was on the Board of Trustees of Queens Hall Arts in Hexham. As an enthusiastic beneficiary of all that our local arts centres have to offer in our region, I am honoured to be able to give something back in my time in support of the vibrant communities we have here. As well as the support and governance input of a trustee, I also help out at the monthly Hearth Music events. If you’ve joined us, I’m usually the one selling the raffle tickets at the door!

Your additional contributions are very welcome and important in ensuring that the Hearth, as a Charity, continues to be able to deliver a lively programme of events and activities. More recently, I have also been helping out with the monthly History and Heritage talks. I’m also a keen amateur crafter and really enjoy seeing the wonderfully skilled artists working at The Hearth and particularly enjoy helping out at our twice-yearly art fairs although I hasten to add, my input is usually to be in a yellow jacket at the front door, helping out with the car parking! Having said that, I have been persuaded to help out with some of our hands-on, Free For Young People activity mornings, to date recreating the enthusiasm of the Suffragette movement for our local primary school (Purple and Green sashes, rosettes and all) and my Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas cards were a triumph, I don’t mind saying!

Handmade Bernard the Bear

Looking forward, I and another Trustee, Pam Hornor are working on some new workshops, so keep an eye out on our website for a morning to make your very own Bernard the Bear and another to make Fimo clay brooches and decorations. See all our craft workshops.

Fimo decorations

Article by Jane Gibson



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