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somatic therapy

Fridays | £55 | 75 minutes | Book blocks of 6 sessions with Anna Casey

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Somatic therapy is a wonderful way of working with the nervous system. We work with your current lived experience in the body and look at supporting the development of resilience and flexibility in how you respond (consciously) and react (subconsciously) to life events, including the small everyday things that can be challenging. 

This is really great for people who don’t feel connected to their body or the cues it gives in situations where the emotional response feels difficult or disproportionate. When we can better understand our body and why it feels the way it does we can build a strong relationship with ourselves and feel more in control of our lives. 

These sessions are carried out in a more traditional therapeutic setting and involve some talking alongside guided body movement. You will be given tools to support and education to support yourself outside of sessions. 

A free introductory phone call will be required before starting sessions to discuss your needs.

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