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Health & Wellbeing

reiki and myofascial unwinding

Fridays | £55 | 60 minutes | Book sessions with Anna Casey

Jason Skill workshop.jpg

Reiki combined with Myofascial unwinding is a fully clothed practice that allows you to begin to build body awareness and connection. Reiki is hands-on energetic work that helps us to identify where we may find blocks in the natural flow of energy through the body and can identify areas for further bodywork and somatic therapy. 

Myofascial unwinding is a wonderful tool to see where the body wants to move and release tension of its own accord. Fully supported by me we use gentle tension in the limbs and head to allow the body to begin to relax at a deeper level. combined with reiki this is a powerfully connecting session that also cultivates and welcomes curiosity about the body you live in.

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