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Health & Wellbeing

apricity women’s circle

Fridays | 10am - 12.30pm | £17 | monthly sessions with Anna Casey

Jason Skill workshop.jpg

19th April | 3rd May | 14th June 

A gathering of women coming together in circle to support one another without judgement or pressure to give advice. We will work with guided visualisation, journaling and body based practices to connect deeply to our physical and emotional body. Each month we will work with a different overarching theme and allow that to guide the session. 

You will be taught tools to take home and continue to build that curious relationship with yourself. We will share our stories and experiences in a space that allows for vulnerability and connection to grow. Using guiding principles to ensure confidentiality and a strong foundation of why we gather together to make sense of our experience in a world that holds so much uncertainty. There will be herbal tea and cake.

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