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Vote for Women!

NEW PROJECT STARTING AT THE HEARTH – September 2018 – July 2019.

FREE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE – we are able to run this special initiative thanks to grant funding – see our Charity Page for details.

On the 21st September the Hearth Trustees & Volunteers were delighted by a visit by pupils from years 5 & 6 from St Andrew’s School, Heddon on the Wall.  

With amazing support from the Time Bandits we held a special day at the Hearth to learn about and celebrate the Role of Women over the last hundred years.

We started the day by looking at 1918, the year when women first won the right to vote.  Our visitors designed and painted tee shirts and protest banners.  The Time Bandits brought artefacts from the period and the young people had the opportunity to handle these and to debate the topic of women’s suffrage.  It was a lively discussion and the young people were very enthusiastic. 

They enjoyed rations of dry biscuits, carrot sticks and milk from little bottles and paper straws before we moved onto the role of women during World War Two. There were bombs and sirens during an ‘air raid’ – with the Hearth Volunteers acting as ‘casualties.’  All ended well when the children saved the adults!

We saved the best for last, looking into the changing role of women in 1960’s. We discussed equal pay and so much more and then …we all put flowers in our hair and danced, festival style!

After the event we received most beautifully written and composed letters from each student, thanking us for their day. They wrote that it was :-


‘Phenomenal.’ We all loved the day.’

‘I had the most splendid time and learnt some fascinating facts’,

‘Without a doubt it was one of the best school trips we have ever had!’  

By way of reply I can only say everyone at the Hearth felt honoured to have spent time with such positive, attentive and polite youngsters.  Together with their amazing teachers – Miss O’Reilly and Miss Cross – the children were a testimony to the local community.  It was a total joy.  Thank You!

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