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The 'Inexhaustible' Pam Hornor!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Here at the Hearth, we are all hopeful for positive change for 2022 and although we have welcomed many of you through the doors during 2021, we know that the pandemic still restricts us and we have a way to go. Much of our work during 2021 was driven by our dear trustee, Pam Horner who has been on our board for six years. In December, Pam decided to step down from the Hearth Board of Trustees and take things a little bit easier.

Over the years, Pam has driven many community projects, often fuelled by lots of tea and cake as well as tirelessly looking at ways to work in a more sustainable and ethical way. She has been a lead figure in our fundraising campaigns and has had much success in organising events to benefit both the young and old and more recently, people who are feeling a little bit isolated.

Here's what some of our participants have to say ...

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops that I attended at the Hearth. I had never ever done anything with felt before and it was the most relaxing workshop I have ever done. I finished my cover for the notebook and I am giving it as a present for Xmas. My printing paper will wrap someone’s present. I do hope you get funding for more workshops at Hearth as I will definitely be interested. The people at Hearth are so friendly and the bonus of course was Pam’s cakes!"

"I enjoyed learning new skills, meeting new people and pushing myself out of my comfort zone in a well support situation. I’ll have a go at anything crafty as I find it absorbing and relaxing (after I’ve struggled with the tricky bits). The sense of well-being afterwards is priceless!"

Mandy Pattullo, one of our resident artists said

"Many of the artists at The Hearth will remember the moment when Pam first knocked on the door of our studios to introduce herself. She continued to be a welcome visitor because of her ready smile and good cheer and because we always we knew she was on our side as well as promoting the wider values of The Hearth. She seemed inexhaustable and was always coming up with fund raising ideas, ways of making The Hearth more inclusive and not only did she serve as a much loved trustee but always popped up a volunteer and was there when we really needed her. She always seemed to be around ( more often than not in the cafe!) and took her role really seriously even through some bad times. Pam we will really miss you and hope you will now have time to focus on your own interests but please come back and put your head round the door as friend."

Pam will be missed but we hope she won't be absent for long and will return to enjoy everything that the Hearth has to offer. Thank you for all of your hard work Pam!

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