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Free for Young People

A project run by the Hearth with support of generous grant funders.

Make a Felt Bear:

On a Saturday morning in June 19, a team of Hearth Trustees and Volunteers got together to run a workshop which was Free for Young People – the aim of the day was to make a felt Bear before decorating it – all in a very individual manner. It was the first free workshop of this kind we had run so we were not totally sure how it would work out….. Well we need not have worried. Youngsters came along with a responsible adult and, with some prompting and lots of encouragement, everyone managed to produce an amazing Bear to take home. I think the photo says it all - It was a total joy and we plan to do something similar later in the year.

Feedback from Bear workshop:

‘Daisy absolutely loved it (and me too, it was a lovely thing to do together).

She thought Jane, the Workshop Leader, (and everyone) did a fab job and was really pleased with what she found she could achieve. She is very proud of her bear ‘Lavender’ and couldn’t wait to show Lavender off to friends and family. Big thank you!’

From Daisy’s Mum

Make Treasures from Fimo Clay :

What talented Young People we have locally! Again Trustees and some of our amazing Volunteers teamed up to offer a morning workshop Free for Young People in July. The aim: to make treasures from Fimo Clay – by the end there were birds, elephants, cats, beads for a bracelet etc etc - Everyone rolled out and cut shapes before everything was ‘fired’ by the workshop leader, Jane Gibson, Hearth Trustee. (She used a small £20 oven from Aldi!) All of this before the hardened clay was beautifully painted and decorated. When I asked one young lady if, what she had made was a present for Nana or a friend? - I got a very ‘old fashioned’ look and a very direct ‘No!!’ Obviously far too precious to give away. What a joy! We certainly aim to doing something similar in the future.

Feedback from the Fimo workshop:

‘This is the only craft making event I have ever enjoyed with my daughter – because we both got involved and both totally enjoyed the workshop – although I think my daughter may have produced better work than I did!’

‘Really enjoyed the workshop, spending time with both young and old (older) together – it was very special’

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