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Workshop | Textiles

lovers eyes

Sunday | 03.03.24 | 10am - 4pm | £65 | FULLY BOOKED

Jason Skill workshop.jpg

This workshop is FULLY BOOKED due to popular demand. Click on the RESERVE LIST button above, which will enable you to email Mandy. Please provide the title of the course you are interested in and request to be added to the Reservation List and Mandy will get back to you.

Mandy has become a bit obsessed with Lover’s Eyes – miniature portraits of just the eye or eyes of a loved one whether it be a lover, spouse or child. At their height of fashion from the late 1700s and into early 1800s they were strange little paintings which were usually set into brooches or necklaces. There is an air of secrecy about them as it is difficult to identify the subject, so the stylish aristocrats who could afford them could easily have worn or concealed a portrait of a lover. There are few left in the world so in this course you can come and create one of your own using a fabric eye painting as a focal point and then going to town with the bling. You will need to source a small tin, box or jewellery case to “hide” your eye in though you could I guess turn it into a piece of jewellery by attaching a brooch back to it. This course is FULLY BOOKED so please send an email to be put on the reserve list.

Tea and coffee is served throughout the day and you are welcome to bring lunch or treat yourself to a delicious lunch from The Hearth Café.

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