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Course | Watercolours

let the paint do the work

Monday | 08.04.24 | 10am - 12noon | £150 for 10 weeks | taught by Jason Skill

Jason Skill workshop.jpg

Let the paint do the workWatercolour 

Some watercolours that appear to be painted using a small brush for many hours as in fact achieved through a combination of paint effects and careful brush work. Paint can be manipulated using salt, sugar, masking fluid, cling film, waxed paper, silver foil, bubble wrap, palette knives and even soap. The list could go on and on. There are a loads of special effects in watercolour painting that are fun to create and useful to know because they can save you time and look fantastic! 

Re-shape how you approach watercolour painting and open up a whole new avenue of creativity in your picture making. 

On this course Jason will show you a selection of the most useful effects and then take you through painting projects that incorporate the effects within finished artwork.

Level - This course would suit those who have a little experience of painting with watercolour - beginner level

Why does Jason think this course would be of value to you as a painter ? 

This course will expand your understanding of modern watercolour painting methods and help you see how to layer and plan your work more effectively. 

What will you do on the course? 

• Explore several modern paint effects using some unusual materials and methods. 

• Examine modern artworks and beginto recognise when paint effects are used. 

• Create a series of samples with notes to help you remember the methods and materials used. 

• Create project paintings with the tutor which combine methods explored within the samples 

• Begin to make your art using some of the effects shown. 

You will need to bring:

Your usual watercolour painting kit, that you use at home, to class. In addition to this,you will need to bring several sheets of watercolour paper to work on. At the first class please bring some cling film, table salt, waxed baking paper and silver foil.

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