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Course | Watercolours

let the brush do the work

Monday | 15.01.24 | 10am - 12pm | £150 (6 weeks) | led by Jason Skill

Jason Skill workshop.jpg

This course looks at how a better understanding of how to handle your paint brushes can make the process of painting watercolours easier and more pleasurable. Explore making more gestural brush marks, be less fussy, more sure handed and let the paint marks do the talking.

When most painters start out they paint with a brush as if it was a pencil or pen, drawing and scribbling with the end of the brush. This can restrict the kinds of marks you can create and also make the feel of painting unpleasant. Much of the joy of painting comes from the lovely feel of handling a brush loaded with paint as it glides over the surface of the paper. There are loads of different shapes of brushes on the market, designed to do different jobs. Jason, your tutor, has quite a collection of brushes that you can try on this course to help find the brushes that work best for you. Brushes are often designed to make certain types of mark-making easier. Knowing what the brushes are capable of & then practicing effective mark-making can help painting feel more joyful. This course aims to help you be more flowing with your mark-making to help you capture the essence of a landscape or flowers with just a few brush strokes.

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