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Course | Drawing

drawing for beginners

Monday | 11.09.24 | 18.30pm - 20:30pm | £90 (6 weeks) | taught by Jason Skill

Jason Skill workshop.jpg

This 5-week drawing course for beginners is the ideal way to ignite a love of drawing. It's a myth that being able to draw is a gift. It's a learnt skill. Yes, some people have more interest in art than others and appear to have a natural aptitude, but anyone capable of drawing can become better at it with training. 

Your tutor is well known for creating a happy, relaxed learning experience, which promises to be fun and fascinating. He is also a highly accomplished draughtsman who can demonstrate the skills that take your work to the next level. 

You will learn to accurately measure two-dimensional images, combine shapes to construct forms and begin to understand how the language of mark-making works.

Jason has seen students who show little skill on arrival at a class become quite proficient at drawing in a matter of weeks creating convincing portrait studies from photographs. So don't be shy, come and join the group and see if you can surprise yourself, your family and your friends with what you can draw by the end of the course.

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