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Course | Mixed Media

creative drawing

Thursday | 18.04.24 | 10am - 12noon | £150 for 10 weeks | taught by Jason Skill

Jason Skill workshop.jpg

Fun, Creative Drawing with Mixed media and Collage 

Get creative and have loads of fun making new and exciting drawings using mixed media and collage. This ‘no fixed rules’ approach to drawing can be both playful and rewarding. Mess up an area of your drawing…. who cares! With this approach you can add another layer of paper and start over. Creative drawing with mixed media and collage can be irreverent, inventive and joyous. 

Take your creative thinking to the next level while making art that looks modern and playful. By not being restricted to one kind of drawing media a whole new look to your drawing work can open up. 

We will explore traditional drawing skills and realistic imagery as well as some more abstracting 'off the wall' approaches to making art. The aim is to have fun and stretch your picture-making skills. 

Medium - Mixed media drawing materials and collage 

Level - This course would suit those who have a little experience of drawing and painting who are looking for a new, expressive, fun way of working.  

Why does Jason think this course would be of value to you as an Artist ? This course will help you be a more flexible thinker with your art. 

What will you do on the course? 

• Explore using collage to re-think how you can interpret images and ideas.

• Experiment with making basic collages and incorporate some drawing work with a variety of media. 

• Play with the effects of drawing on various types of paper • Create at least one finished artwork. 

• Work towards becoming more daring and playful with your art.

What do you need to bring? 

Please bring drawing materials including inks and pens, a glue stick, and some white and coloured paper. You will also need to bring some scissors. If you would like the option to dilute your inks, or watercolours if you bring them, then you will also need to bring your paint brushes and a palette.

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