The Hearth Board of Trustees


The Hearth charity is governed by a Board of Trustees. Trustees have specific roles, including Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, Grant -seeking lead, Building and Energy lead and Music lead.

Policy, operational and organisational decisions are made collectively by the Board of Trustees and minuted in the records of the Trustees’ monthly meetings. The Hearth’s tenants, employees, volunteers, visitors, and Horsley Village Church members are consulted as and when appropriate.

The day-to-day administration of the charity is delegated by the charity Trustees. 

  • An Administrator is employed for 2 days a week

  • A caretaker is employed to support hall hire and an agreed cleaning and maintenance timetable

The Trustees in office in 2021 are:

  • Jane Gibson (Chair)

  • Tony Glover  

  • Pamela Hornor 

  • Natalie Henderson

  • Jen Millard

  • Annie Ball

  • Chris Siddle (Treasurer)

We are currently looking for new Trustees. (Find out more). Should you be interested in serving as a Trustee of the Hearth please email Jo Bourne, Hearth administrator, at office@thehearth.co.uk