The Blacketts - Their influence on Newcastle and beyond

The Blacketts - Their influence on Newcastle and beyond
Speaker - Allan Kirtley and Martin Blackett

Thursday the 28th of June. 7:30pm - £5 on the door.

From relatively modest beginnings in 14th century rural County Durham the Blackett family spread out across north-east England to Newcastle and beyond, leaving their mark around the world in many ways: from stately homes to the birth of the soap opera, from politics to publishing, and from economics to engineering.

The Blackett name can still be found today, from Blackett Street in Central Newcastle to buildings in Australasia, topographical features in North America and even on the far side of the moon.

The work to link all this together has been carried out by three Blackett descendants, Al Kirtley, Pat Longbottom and Martin Blackett, genealogists who published 'A History of the Blacketts' in 2013.

£5 on the door, includes refreshments. Entry is free to those aged 21 and under, thanks to a generous donation from The Hedley Foundation