Safety measures to ensure that The Hearth is a safe place to work and visit.


The Hearth Trustees have been working together with Artists, The Café, staff and church members to ensure that as we open up to the public, every care is taken to follow Government and HSE guidelines and put measures in place to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19. 


The Hearth Café opened from 5th July. 


Artists' studios are open to visitors from 16th July by prior arrangement only.  Please contact the artists directly to book a time for your visit.  Please be aware that  measures will be in place for accessing their studios safely.  


The Hearth Hall is now open for bookings. Please see the Hall Hire page for details.


Our measures are based on the The COVID-19 Secure Guidelines, the 5 key points are listed below;

  • Minimise contact with individuals who are unwell: Nobody should attend the premises if they have symptoms or are self-isolating due to symptoms in their household. 

  • Clean your hands often: Sanitisers will be provided at entry and exit points, sanitiser and/or running water, soap and paper towels in toilets. Hot air hand dryers are not recommended as they distribute droplets. 

  • Respiratory hygiene: Everyone needs to be encouraged to avoid touching their mouth, eyes, and nose. Tissues need to be disposed of into a bin, then hands cleaned.

  • Regular cleaning of surfaces that are touched frequently: including door handles, handrails, table tops, sinks, toilet areas, kitchen surfaces.

  • Maintain social distancing where possible: Social distancing guidelines currently require at least 2 metres (3 steps) to be maintained between individuals and households. Bookings can be accepted for events where social distancing can be maintained, the number of people each person has contact with is reduced to a small group and/or contacts below 2m are minimised and transitory, but crowded events cannot yet be held