About the Course

Come along and learn how to paint a puffin using ink and watercolours. During the course of the day you will learn some new techniques for using these mediums and develop a puffin painting with character and life.

Your Instructor

Jina Gelder

Jina is a wildlife artist and Illustrator based in Newcastle upon Tyne. She creates and sells original artworks and has developed a range of products perfect for wildlife lovers. She loves expressing life and movement in her work and enjoys exploring different mark-making in her practice. Jina attributes her loose and lively style to working as quickly as possible to imbue her subject matter with character and personality and give her subjects the life to leap off the page. She work's primarily in ink and watercolour, although she occasionally dabbles in acrylics when doing mural work or gold leaf when she feels like creating something shiny.​

Event Details:


ink and watercolours

Artist / Maker


Jina Gelder


Day & Date

Saturday 18.06.22


10.30 - 4pm