Jill Stewart
jewellery & metal clocks


Jill Stewart makes mixed metal small work, mainly jewellery, using etching and heat colouring, enjoying the colour contrasts created by putting silver with copper, brass with blue titanium.

She also makes clocks which are etched and created from different metals to form small pictures with text. They feature animals and birds, the results of a rural childhood and a need for colour. There are other small items she is developing from these techniques.

“Customers tell me they like my work for its originality, and that in buying it they have a sense of buying something individual and humorous and beautiful”.

Jill's studio day is Thursday, but she is available on other days. Check the Artists Calendar or contact her by email, especially if you want to see a particular thing.

Mask-wearing would still be helpful, as it is a very small space!

To see her website shop, where you can buy work and have it sent with free postage, click here.  You can join Jill's mailing list there and receive updates once a fortnight.  If you would like gift suggestions just contact her and she can send video or pictures of what she has available.