Defibrillator training

The Hearth has recently received funding to buy a defibrillator which is now situated by the rear door to the Manse.  

There will be a training session on Wednesday 20th September 2017 at 6pm in Horsley Village Church (entry via the Office to the rear of the church).  This is a free session, open to all, with no need to book.

Training will be carried out by the North East Ambulance Service, please come along to learn how to use this potentially life-saving equipment.

Charity Grant Awards

Being a Charity, the Hearth needs to apply for Grants and Sponsorship in order to support all the improvement projects and special events we manage. These would not be possible without external backing.    We are seriously grateful to those organizations able to support us in this way.  For more details please see our HEARTH CHARITY page 

Unison Colour Pastels

We are delighted to extend our working partnership with Unison Colour Pastels.  The partnership commenced in March 2016 with a series of Pastels classes taught by Hearth regular, art teacher Jenny Purrett.  They have proved so popular with every class sold out, that we have programmed six classes for 2017. Unison Colour Pastels are world renowned for their subtlety of hues, and are made in Northumberland.  Details of classes can be found on our WORKSHOPS page.

Car park

Many thanks to volunteers from Northumbrian Water who spent a day resurfacing our car park with tons of gravel, no more muddy puddles to splash through on a rainy day!

Secondary glazing, a newly decorated hall and LED lights

We were fortunate to secure funding which enabled us to have secondary glazing installed in the hall and office, which has made a great difference to our heating bills.  The Hall and office have also been decorated.  We have had LED lights fitted throughout The Hearth including in the studios.  The Hall is now warmer and freshly painted, a lovely place to hold an event or party. Sincere thanks to  Foyle Foundation (see CHARITY page) for their generous donation which has enabled us to go ahead with the secondary glazing in the hall. 


Commissioned poem

We were fortunate enough to have been given a donation to promote poetry at the Hearth, so earlier this year we commissioned a poem from young local poet and writer Marcie Winstanley. Marcie visited the Hearth, met some of the artists and spent some time researching the history of the village church, and we have now received her poem, entitled Footprints in the Tapestry of Time. Below the poem, Marcie outlines where she found her inspiration.

Footprints in the tapestry of time
Time passes for all whose footprints walk the hills
Beyond. Who saw the fading winter
Morning as they trod softly?
Who watched the rain, light in the
Coming spring or wildflowers
As summers touch unfurled their petals?
Time watched. Watched the leaves drop.
And drift. Summer blown away by a breeze and
The misty twilight firelight where time sits
And remembers. Hestia fireside goddess
Watched and is watching and will watch footprints
Of the firelight shadows and time’s stories
By flickering firelight.
Your myth echoes. Intertwined. Like twisted plants.
And in the firelight, time remembers all whose weaving, whose brush marks, whose
Stitch-work are scattered forever like threads in a
Tapestry of time.
Marcie Winstanley
March 2015

My name is Marcie Winstanley and I am 17 years old. I have always been interested in creative writing and I have enjoyed writing poems and stories since I was very young. Recently I have written a novella called 'Figure of Eight' which is being serialised in an online magazine for young writers called 'Cuckoo Quarterly.'

When I was commissioned by the Hearth to write a poem, I was inspired by both history and art, and I chose to combine these in 'Footprints in the tapestry of time.' The historical aspect of the Heath is reflected in the number of lines the poem has; I wrote seventeen lines and split them into five stanzas. The number seventeen is significant because of the fact that the Hearth was used as a place of religious sanctuary in the late 17th century and the five stanzas show each of the centuries that have passed from the seventeenth century to the present day. The reference to the Greek goddess Hestia in 'Footprints in the tapestry of time' is because she is the goddess of the fireside which I feel resonates with the name the Hearth. I was inspired by Ancient Greece because Classics is my favourite subject at school and I have always been fascinated by mythology. Art is also an important part of the Hearth so I tried to reflect this in the poem too, by describing details of time passing as if it were a tapestry that artists were creating, continuing forever through the passage of time. 



We are delighted to have been the recipients of a grant for £2,000 from the Foyle Foundation, to help us with our running costs



"It is with great regret that we announce the death of Dennis Hall, a loyal friend, volunteer and benefactor of The Hearth who died Sunday 24th August 2014. Dennis lived in Hexham, but was regularly seen at the Hearth events, at book club meetings, helping at music nights and heritage talks, and dining with friends in the Hearth Café. Dennis was an active Christian attending Horsley Village Church and weekly Prayer Group meetings. We all appreciated Dennis's sense of community and willingness to take part. His gentle kindness touched us all. He will be missed".


JULY 2014 

An article about the the 10th Anniversary of the Hearth was featured in the Hexham Courant.



MAY 2014

-    The Hearth held an open studios event called Paper and Print on 26th and 27th April. Here is some of their feedback:


 “Loved the focus on print and good to see book binders” visitor from Ovingham

“Impressed with the variety of work, so many artists in their studios to talk to” Woody from NE45

“Great to see new people with original ideas” Martin from NE63

“Amazed by the quality of work, the artists are very approachable” visitor from NE4

“ Impressed by the wide range of creative endeavour on show + Lindisfarne Gospels” visitor from NE39

           “Please do more events like this! I loved it – excellent” visitor from NE4





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