Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April 2017, 10am - 4pm

The Hearth is proud to present a selling show of work by 9 of the North's leading ceramicists.  Also, new paintings, original prints and drawings, clocks, jewellery, woven, felted and embroidered textiles from our resident artists.  The Hearth Cafe will be open offering fair trade teas, specialist coffee, home baked cakes, light lunches an roast dinner on Sunday.  The Church will be open, with live music at intervals throughout the weekend.


Mary Chappelhow, Interlude Ceramics

Using a variety of stoneware and porcelain clays and a range of firing temperatures Mary Chappelhow creates a range of decorative bowls, vases and table wares.  She also undertakes commissions for presents - idea for weddings, anniversaries and any other event that needs commemorating.



Penny Cooper

Penny Cooper builds using slabs to create the form which she textures with all kinds of objects - fabrics, wallpapers, found objects like seedheads and leaves. Penny's Countryside pots, with their pictures of little farms, fields and houses, depicts that countryside as she remembers it on moving to England from South Afric, aged 10.  Penny's Seaside pots celebrate her love of beachcombing, and they are intended to represent not only coastal scenes, but also sandwashed items left on the shoreline, bleached by waves and sun.



Sue Dunne

Sue Dunne's work directly reflects her year-round fascination with natural history, particularly plant-life when it's wild.  Over the months, seasons and years she has been building up a library of records in the form of moulds of pressed flowers, twigs, seeds, leaves and feathers, and these are used to decorate her vases, jugs and bowls.



Michelle Freemantle, Creatively Occupied

Michelle Freemantle creates functional ceramics that are tactile and visually pleasing, using a mix of hand built, press mould and thrown techniques.  Lines and text, often snippet of thoughts or poetry written during her travels, are inscribed into the surfaces and slips applied.  She hopes each individual, hand-crafted piece, strives to embody its own character and enriches the eating and drinking experience.



Dennis Kilgallon

Inspired by the landscape, architecture, antiquity and mythology, Dennis Kilgallon's sculpture is unique and thought provoking. Dennis has shown work at Award Winning gardens - Chelsea and Hampton Court.  In summer 2015 Dennis set up a new gallery, in the hills above Allenbanks, showing his and other artists' work.



George Ormerod

Working in his pottery in Newcastle upon Tyne, George Ormerod hand throws all his functional ware.  Many shapes are inspired by the ceramics of the 1930's - 50's.  George especially admires the work of Lucie Rie, from the ground-breaking flared bowls that she produced to the simple tableware, which all reference the aesthetic of the Bauhaus.  The glazes he uses are fire to 1300C to ensure that when overlaid, they melt, run and interact to give exciting textures and colours.



Julia Roxburgh

Julia Roxburgh works in white earthenware clay, so she can achieve brightness of colour.  Each piece goes through 4 firings, gold being the last firing.  Her influences are theatre and the circus and it is her ambition to make people smile when they use her pots.







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